On Life: 1 – Remember this is temporary.

If you were terminally diagnosed, how many of your fervent beliefs would you abandon? When you’re alone, dying and frozen with fear, how much of what you so ardently whine, bicker and worry about would remain relevant or even interesting? Continue Reading

On Death: 11 – Finale

The last post of the series. Continue Reading

On Death: 10 – Reincarnation

In this instalment we finish NDE, explore Simulations and Reincarnation. Continue Reading

On Death: 9 – Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

In this instalment, we explore Near-Death experiences. Those who experience it, the doctors that witness it, and what it may reveal about our reality. Continue Reading

Epicurus: For a pleasant life

Epicurus was one of the last great Greek philosophers to focus on the subject of living a happy life. His approach, commonly known as Epicureanism, has been a widely misunderstood term often associated with a lifestyle of excess pleasure, particularly Continue Reading