Invest in your skills.

Anyone with a debilitating condition will probably confirm that their main concern after their health (and its limitations) is their ability to financially support themselves or their dependents. A core disabling illness reduces one’s options to find work and earn Continue Reading

Hawking’s Purpose

So you got a terminal diagnosis. Congratulations. This is your chance to discover what you stand for. Continue Reading

Choosing ALS: The Key to Your Future is in Your Past.

Often, in our worst moments of despair, the answer to salvation lies as a forgotten clue in our past. Continue Reading

On ALS: 3 – Will

This is part 3, of a 3-part series of essays on my journey with ALS. In this third and last piece, I hope to share with you some of the things I’ve done, and learned along the way, to make life worth living despite ALS. Continue Reading

On ALS: 2 – Mind

This is part 2, of a 3-part series of reflections on my journey with ALS. This second reflection, will be about my psychological experience of the ALS process, and its effects on my daily life. Continue Reading