What motivates you?

Surprisingly, you may find many people don’t know how to answer this question. Try it, ask someone. Ask yourself. What’s your answer? Why do you do what you do? Resist the temptation to make up something on the spot. You may realise Continue Reading

Invest in your skills.

Anyone with a debilitating condition will probably confirm that their main concern after their health (and its limitations) is their ability to financially support themselves or their dependents. A core disabling illness reduces one’s options to find work and earn Continue Reading

Hawking’s Purpose

So you got a terminal diagnosis. Congratulations. This is your chance to discover what you stand for. Continue Reading

Change your focus

As I grow older, allegories pop into my mind with more frequency. In particular, I’m referring to old jokes, sayings and parables. Many jokes have extreme wisdom within them, but it’s hard to see it when your drink is pouring Continue Reading

Happy New Year?

What does a New Year mean for you? This post explores the possibility that excitement may be correlated with our courage to choose. (7 min. read) Continue Reading