Invest in your skills.

Anyone with a debilitating condition will probably confirm that their main concern after their health (and its limitations) is their ability to financially support themselves or their dependents. A core disabling illness reduces one’s options to find work and earn Continue Reading

Hawking’s Purpose

So you got a terminal diagnosis. Congratulations. This is your chance to discover what you stand for. Continue Reading

Happy New Year?

What does a New Year mean for you? This post explores the possibility that excitement may be correlated with our courage to choose. (7 min. read) Continue Reading

Living and the Bike Rules

Riding a motorcycle is a lot like life: it can be a lot of fun but it can put you horizontal if you’re not paying attention. Here are my five basic bike rules to keep you upright – on the road and in life – and keep you around to ride a bit longer. Continue Reading

On Man’s Best Friend

I killed my best friend today. I don’t want to soften it by saying, I put her down. Or euthanised. That term is reserved for when both parties understand what’s about to happen. You didn’t. You felt you were coming Continue Reading