A Socratic Life

I’ve often heard a profound claim from people who’ve had a terminal diagnosis, a disabling illness or a shattering incident. They unanimously claim that their life splits into life before and life after the event; I can personally confirm that’s the case. For me, the split happened late 2005 in a quiet neurologist’s office with the diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease (ALS). Life after that day has been what I consider a Socratic affair.

ALS unveiled opportunities to become an active participant in my own story, challenging me to question what I believed and why. Revisiting classical Philosophy forged my courage to see things as they are, to take responsibility for what I could change, and accept that which is beyond my control.

To that end, I sincerely hope my writing inspires the same in you.

Jorge Tendeiro
Professional Herbalist. Amateur Philosopher. Aspiring Writer. Espresso Addict.

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