Turmeric: Snapshot

Turmeric is the primary anti-inflammatory herb of ayurvedic medicine. Its principal chemical component, curcumin, has anticancer effects in cell lines, and is useful for arthritis through its…


Wormwood: Snapshot

Wormwood’s bitter flavour stimulates digestive secretions, the liver, and the gallbladder’s production of bile. Wormwood also improves the body’s absorption of nutrients. One of its constituents,…


Herbalism Is Here To Stay

Whether they’re prescribed by a physician, naturopath, herbalist or self-medicating via health shops, chemists and online shopping, more consumers are turning away from conventional medicine as their sole avenue for healthcare. Reading Time: 7 min.


Ginseng: Snapshot

Ginseng, of either variety, helps the body better utilize oxygen, spares glycogen utilization, increases cerebral circulation, helps the adrenal glands to better conserve their stores of…