On Death: 11 – Finale

Dear Jodi 🙂

This series was written as a balm to soothe your grief over your grandparents’ passing. Since I can’t speak due to ALS and comfort you with my voice, I thought the written word may offer you solace.

You’ve finally arrived at the end of this series on Death.

It’s been quite a journey full of topics, facts and perspectives you’ve probably never heard or considered before. We explored Nature’s brutality, man’s divergence from Darwinian evolution, the limitation and distortion of our sense organs, our limited perception of 3D reality among 10, Consciousness’ independence of brains, NDEs, our reality as a super virtual simulation, and even the inevitability of conscious reincarnation. Some concepts will seem strange and foreign, but there is an abundance of scientific and/or personal evidence substantiating them.

While demanding scientific consensus for something to be true is understandable, don’t dismiss devout personal experience out of hand. Scientific proof can only occur with sensory phenomena that can be measured or calculated. However, overwhelmingly researched and catalogued people’s personal experience is just as tangible as anything else. After all, subjective thoughts and dreams aren’t provable, material or measurable, yet, everyone claims they have them.

One or two people claiming fantastical stories is one thing, but hundreds of thousands of catalogued cases subjectively experiencing the same phenomena at death is quite another. You personally witnessed your grandfather see and talk to his deceased brother in his last days. That wasn’t his imagination, that was extra-dimensional perception. To discredit a dying man’s experience as illusory is not only dehumanising but intrinsically cruel.

I’ve written the series for you with two objectives.

The first objective is to give you a foundational framework. This framework is meant to get you to see the limitations of your sensory experience, and therefore, the finite illusion of what you consider as real and solid. As a consequence, your fear of death will naturally dissipate as you see physical death as no more than a Consciousness transition.

The second objective is to plant a seed in your mind. This seed may lie dormant for years. But one day in the distant future, you’ll watch, read or hear of some discovery or information, and all these theories will start to click into a personal journey of discovery. Then you’ll discover for yourself, none of the theories I’ve presented you are faith-based; they’re rooted in experience, philosophy, theosophy and science.

There was once a time when doctors didn’t believe in microbes because they couldn’t see them. They assumed every infection was something quite ridiculous, but little microbes? Insanity! But an astute physician had made the connection by observing the patterns of those that contracted infections. Hygiene was suggested as a solution but it wasn’t taken seriously. In fact, the doctor who proposed hygiene as a contraceptive to microbial infections was ridiculed and discredited by his peers. These peers were the “brightest” and most qualified in medicine.

It seems history keeps repeating itself. Every generation contains “experts” that ignore the new, emerging evidence and try to discredit peers to maintain the status quo; even if it’s patently wrong.

I have found for myself that many apparently separate facts conjoin to assert a beautiful interpretation of reality.

Consciousness is the phenomenon that makes our reality manifest; it guides, constructs and animates all perceptible matter and beyond. The same Consciousness that flows through you, flows through me and every being on the planet. The same consciousness that animates the bacteria in your gut is the same Consciousness that animates Nature, and every atom within it.

Don’t continue to confuse Consciousness with the mind or sensory perception. These are characteristics of Consciousness via your specific physical form, but they’re not Consciousness itself. Just as other physical forms perceive the world differently, and also experience an independent mind, so too, they reveal the same fundamental Consciousness.

There is so much tangible, scientific and subjective proof of a continuation of consciousness after physical death, that you’ll lose all doubt if you take the time to look. Of course, you may not be ready to pursue that information now; you may need a severe life-threatening event first to spur your curiosity. However, I would urge you to start perusing sooner rather than later. Discovering the truth of an after-life, consciousness continuation, near-death experiences, multiple dimensions and reincarnation, will give more meaning and purpose to your sense of self than the materialist alternative.

Don’t buy the materialist merchandise. It’s an outdated and disproved paradigm that ingrained materialists desperately cling to despite evidence to the contrary.

Remember, materialists base all their conclusions on what’s perceived “out there.” But most of these experts have never personally explored and discovered the inner world with the same intensity, rigour and curiosity as they have material phenomena. They’re just as blind to the inner world, as someone without senses would be to physical reality. A group of materialists saying there’s no Consciousness is equivalent to a group of blind men saying there’s no light.

Other mental phenomena like super-memory, concentration and meditation all require extensive and rigorous training; which most of us are unwilling to go through. Yet, we don’t doubt the proficiency of those who devote their lives to it.

So, why doubt those who train for years, or spontaneously access and perceive a metaphysical reality just because we can’t? Is it because their discoveries are beyond our immediate sensory experience? Or could it be that if what they claim is true, it may mean we’re not the pinnacle of existence? Perhaps it raises fears that what we do does matter. Perhaps it raises fears of the “paranormal” or that we are being watched? Perhaps we’d rather pretend this is all there is so we don’t have to take responsibility and grow up?

Whatever the internal conflict, wouldn’t it be a much more appropriate course of action for the cynics to put in the years of training and research, or admit ignorance?

Armchair cynics are similar to armchair football fans; they all have an uninformed opinion but most have never played a professional game. They talk a big game with no personal experience or genuine curiosity to back it up. They just repeat what others say hoping to sound clever, but are always ready with an excuse to not get on the field. Personal perception of metaphysical phenomena (such as NDEs) suffers the same fate. Every cynic has an uninformed opinion, but none have yet experienced it.

The difference between a sceptic and a cynic is the sceptic remains open and receptive to new information, experience or evidence. A cynic, however, is closed off to any information, experience and evidence so as to stubbornly maintain their belief system.

Of course, this isn’t to imply you should believe every claim automatically. Rather, you should have the presence of mind to discern why you’re so eager to believe or deny a confronting piece of evidence. Then, and only then, should you go ahead and research the evidence thoroughly. Look at the science, the research and other people’s experience (particularly converted sceptic rationalists). And if you find that there is overwhelming evidence for a possible afterlife (extra-dimensional reality), then you’ll need to concede to what’s in front of you. Then you’ll have a solid foundation, while others have only impotent arrogance or conditioned faith.

Leave materialism in its proper place and function—to invent and further technology. Don’t bow to the church of materialist scientism for answers they can’t provide; it’s an ego-feeding, fruitless, misguided endeavour. Science is a method and a tool, not scripture on reality. Materialism describes sensory data, but it falsely presumes omniscience. The brightest scientists are incapable of explaining why Life exists, or for that matter, why anything exists at all.

Follow your heart, use your head and search for those that research, experience and know beyond the senses. After a while of listening to those who’ve escaped the desire for professional accolades to research the truth, monotonous materialist arguments will sound so childish and short-sighted, you’ll wonder how a presumed authority could’ve persuaded you.

And persuasion by a presumed authority is all your materialist belief rests on.

You assume they know what happens after death because they’re well known and credentialed. But an evolutionary biologist or neuroscientist don’t personally know about the metaphysical. They make contemptuous assumptions from false foundations. I’m unsure why they choose to ignore the research, but I suspect it has to do with protecting their paradigm and identity from irrelevancy.

Their discredited materialist view concludes you as no more than a pointless sack of meat without free-will. While materialists say this is all life is, they sure don’t act like it. I don’t think they believe it either. It’s one thing to intellectually rationalise an outcome based on limited information, and it’s quite another what they may feel and keep private.

Look at this sensory 3D reality as no more than a virtual reality game that you exit at physical death. You’re not your body. You’re so much more. You’re that consciousness that exists beyond your senses, beyond your identity, that interacts with this reality through your 3D construct. Be present and use your free-will to actively search beyond what you’re fed.

Being still and watching your mind is the first step to stepping beyond the illusory and obvious. Being present and aware of what you think, say and do will liberate you from auto-pilot and reliance on other’s opinions.

I don’t mean just to watch what you say, but be attentive to the Consciousness within you that watches, witnesses and holds the space for any decision to occur. It’ll be difficult and challenging to operate from a different paradigm over a lifetime of sensory conditioning. But stick with it. You’ll get better with practice; it’s inevitable. Then you’ll feel, see and know first-hand what you truly are.

I sincerely hope this series of posts has helped you get a glimpse of a grander reality beyond this 3D illusion. You’ll find if you pay careful attention, that the evil in the world is truly a reflection of people’s solitary belief about their perceived 3D reality. Do you really believe people would suffer so much angst, doubt, despair, sorrow and contempt if they truly knew this reality wasn’t all? Do you truly believe people would do half of what they do if they suspected someone was watching? Or that they’d be coming back? Or that this is a temporary 3-dimensional experience?

All of humanity’s corruption arises from a 3D sensation of separateness and isolation. People don’t comprehend the interconnectedness of all life. Not just energetically from a quantum mechanical viewpoint, or metaphysical comprehension, but also just from an understanding of perpetual causality. Words and actions have rippling effects beyond what we can immediately perceive, or rationally conceive.

All your fear and sorrow is a direct result of forgetting who You are, where you’ve come from, and where you’ll awake after 3D death. This isn’t about a deity, or anything religious; religious icons are cultural metaphors to describe the same metaphysical phenomenon. All you need to do is pay attention and you’ll understand the game.

It’s okay, I forget too. I get caught and entranced by the illusion of my senses and emotions more than I’d care to admit. That’s the nature of Nature. But unlike other species, we have the capacity to introspect and change our perspective. That’s no evolutionary accident. That’s purposeful by design.

We have the ability to doubt our existence because we’re supposed to; otherwise, the capacity to do so wouldn’t exist!

Therefore, I’ll end this series with a challenge for you.

First, write 3D on the back of your hand. Then, for the next week try to see everything around you as an ultra-realistic virtual reality 3D construct that you’re participating in. Assume the real You is a higher dimensional being having a 3-Dimensional Earth experience. You’re just as bound by the laws of physics, as any other character is bound by the laws in a video game. This experiment isn’t to convince you of super-natural manipulation of your 3D reality. You’ll still feel pain, resistance and the human condition.

However, you may find that seeing your reality in this way, it will inevitably have a lightening effect. Things won’t seem so cataclysmic. Your fellow players won’t seem so threatening. Most of all, you will feel more power to determine your daily reality. You’ll notice a sense of insight, calm, acceptance, power and presence will naturally arise. Invariably, you’ll forget and revert back to the sensory isolation. However, the 3D on the back of your hand will remind you to snap out of your sensory auto-pilot slumber.

Try it for one week. It’s not long but the effects on your mental state will be profound. One caveat, don’t tell anyone what you’re doing. Don’t open the door for a cynic to humiliate you out of what could be your life-changing experience. I really hope you do it as I have done many times without your knowledge. There’s a reason I’ve coped with ALS for so long without the need for any mind-numbing medication 🙂

And so we come to the end. You’ve been a personal witness to my calm in the face of death. You’ve witnessed your grandpa interact with his brother who exited the game long ago, come back to ease his fear. You’ve witnessed your grandma’s detachment and welcoming death in her last days, and palpable change the moment she passed. You saw the same with Kuma. The very moment they passed, even though they looked the same and still felt warm, they were no longer there. Their body felt vacant. The player exited the game.

Likewise, when I inevitably go through the dying process, don’t mistake my physical discomfort for fear. And definitely, don’t mistake my sadness and tears for doubt. I’ve had a good life, great friends and a loving family. My tears will be about the end of the interaction with those I love, and the grief in those I leave behind. Since I will inevitably die before you, I’ll learn to see if it’s possible to send a dragonfly your way to remind you I’m Conscious.

If I can’t and haven’t yet reincarnated into another game, I’ll be by your bedside with Kuma in your last days to take you home, if you wish me to be.


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2 thoughts on “On Death: 11 – Finale”

  1. dear Jorge
    I find your website on google when I was searching on the concept of death. your view on life and death and science is very rational and completely humane. I am writing this comment to thank you. It’s a noisy world and it is a world full of alienation from self and I want to thank you for soothing this trauma by your beautiful writings.
    p.s.: sorry for bad grammar or spelling errors, English is not my mother tongue

    1. Hi 🙂
      Thank you tremendously for taking the time to express your appreciation. I always hoped my experience and words would offer solace to someone, somewhere. I’m glad it’s found its way to someone like you.

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