Powerful , Valuable, Medicine In Your Herb Garden: Cayenne!

Cayenne is one of the most effective systemic circulatory stimulants and digestive tonic. Its uses are linked to its ability to increase tone and vitality via circulation. This powerhouse’s therapeutic properties can be felt through internal or external use.

Internally, it’s used to tone the cardiovascular system by stimulating blood flow. It’s an excellent spice for the elderly, the infirm, and the debilitated, because of its internally tonifying properties. Cayenne is the herb of choice to increase peripheral circulation to those with cold hands and feet.

Capsicum annuum (var. frutescens)

Moreover, it has the added benefit of temporarily speeding up metabolism by 25%, making it handy for those looking to lose weight. However, it does stimulate appetite and is an effective digestive cleanser. Lastly, because of its stimulating properties, it’s commonly used to ward off disease and colds.

Cayenne Ointment is easy to make

Cayenne Ointment is easy to make

Externally, Cayenne has wonderful stimulating and pain reducing properties. Commonly used in liniments, ointments and creams, to reduce itching, pain and increase circulation.

Cayenne’s therapeutic ingredient, Capsaicin, has the ability to reduce pain and itching signals in the skin nerves. Therefore, it’s an invaluable remedy for painful and itchy skin conditions such as psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy, shingles, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, and general muscle pain.

It’s also excellent as a gargle for laryngitis.

The fruit should be picked when ripe and used fresh, or dried in the shade for later use.

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